Journey Man
A World Calling


Journey Man is travel writing at its best — honest, gritty, informative, and inspiring.”

ForeWord Reviews (11/19/12)

“Claassen charts the course of his explorations of a myriad of cultures while providing a host of colorful anecdotes. This self-described “global village project” of an odyssey spans three decades’ worth of travels in nine countries and the narrator’s evolution throughout his pilgrimages and spiritual rebirths. Not for the casual tourist, Claassen is drawn to challenging situations. Ever conscious of the reader, he continuously provides background facts and texts to support the events of his episodes. His collection of adventures will satisfy any readers interested in a spiritual retreat or a distinctive traveling experience.”

Publishers Weekly/PW Select (3/13)

“He tells his stories so compellingly that readers feel they are with him in the jungle, or the sidewalks of New York. Claassen takes us on travels from 1974 through 2006, and each stop offers a slice into his entertaining life. He leaves us wanting more stories of his travels and travails.”

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (12/22/12)

Journey Man: A World Calling is an extraordinary true-life adventure, highly recommended especially for the armchair travelers everywhere.”

The Midwest Book Review (12/12)

“Claassen’s rich descriptions, even as he recalls experiences years later, put the reader in the heart of each event. The result makes every scene intimate and exciting.”

Vox Magazine (10/11/12)

“The book outlines his personal experiences of, and perspectives about, his epic journeys. Claassen’s life story and interest in literature...make for a rich experience.”

The Columbia Daily Tribune (10/19/12)