Alone in Community
Journeys Into Monastic Life
Around the World


Acknowledgments 10
Chapter I Comes a Visitor 19
L’Aigle, France
Nuits St. George, France
Chapter II Chanting as Worship 35
Silos, Spain
Subiaco, Italy
Chapter III A Monk’s Republic 51
Mt. Athos, Greece
Chapter IV In the Beginning 87
Fayyum, Egypt
Scetis, Egypt
Chapter V Whirling in Ecstasy 107
Istanbul, Turkey
Chapter VI An Eternal Flame 120
Kyoto, Japan
Chapter VII One Single Drop 138
Okayamo, Japan

Chapter VIII Nothing is Permanent 154
Saraburi, Thailand
Chapter IX Making of Merit 175
Bung Wai, Thailand
Chapter X Wearing the Sky 194
Shravana Belgola, India
New Delhi, India
Chapter XI Bowing to Creation 211
Sringeri, India
Chapter XII Unity in Diversity 229
Calcutta, India

Afterword 245
Glossary 249
Recommended Reading262